Accountancy Solutions

We pride ourselves of offering different accountancy solutions tailor made to our clients’ needs. Our real expertise is working closely with our clients, to assist them finding the best ways of improving their performance and helping them to grow their business with us.

We provide all necessary information for the intelligent management of your company, in addition to creating professional support we provide customized solutions for each specific case.

We also evaluate your case and create a service that meets the needs that the company has towards the market.

Corporate Accountancy

We provide accountancy services in a timely manner so that monthly or quarterly management reports are available, which help our clients to better plan the future of their business. Our reports are made in understandable formats and our services include:

  • Completion and submission of all tax returns, assuring compliance with all tax obligations;
  • Control of property assets and equipment through individual files;
  • Bank account reconciliation;
  • Clients and suppliers current accounts reconciliation (we also offer debt collection services);
  • Simulation and forecast of taxable amounts due and calculation of results;

Personal Accountancy

We offer each client a personal and professional service tailor made to their needs. We pride ourselves of having a proactive approach and innovative thinking, so that our client pays the minimum tax possible. Our services include:

  • Identification of the clients tax jurisdiction and application of double taxation relief;
  • Registration of business activities;
  • Preparation and submission of all Personal Income Tax returns, VAT returns, etc assuring compliance with all your tax obligations;
  • Simulation of different taxation options, in order to choose the most efficient.

Payroll services

We prepare the monthly payroll, issue salary receipts and prepare monthly reports. As part of this service we also prepare all the monthly taxes and annual statements. The payroll services are available for both companies and individual sole traders.

Business Start-Up Consultancy

Having the right business structure can be one of critical factors for success of your business. We support new businesses providing assistance in all steps towards the business incorporation. The company can be set up in 24 hours and we support you in all stages; simulation of different taxation options, creation of the articles of the company, bank account set up, activity registration and company incorporation.

Management Advisory Services

We work close with our clients, to identify strengths and weaknesses through the analysis and diagnosis of their financial information, in order to find the best solutions to their business needs.

Tax dispute assistance

We are aware that sometimes your expectation is not coherent with the tax authorities’ understandings and this can lead to tax audits and eventually complex claims. At AFM we pride ourselves of working for you, not the tax office and provide specialized support to our clients, aiming to achieve a quick and efficient resolution of such discrepancies.