Faro´s Municipal Tourist Tax

Faro´s Municipal Tourist Tax
Which is expected to generate around €500,000 for the local coffers.


Who is required to pay the tourist tax?

The Tourist tax is applicable to all guests, regardless of nationality or residence, aged 13 years and over, per person, per night, up to a maximum of 7 nights per stay.


Who is exempt?

  • Guests under the age of 13 (thirteen) years old.
  • Guests with a disability rating of 60% or greater
  • National and foreign students from the University of Algarve with up to 60 consecutive days
  • Stays for medical purposes extended to a accompanying person



Tourist  tax payment is due to the management of the hotel, holiday homes, guesthouses, hostels and tourist resorts, for overnight stay.


Tourist tax rates?

1.50€ per overnight stay and per person (up to 7 consecutive nights)


When and how to pay the tourist tax?

As of 1 March 2020, the tourist tax is paid as a single amount in the check in or check out.


What is it for?

It serves to contribute to the implementation of a public actions necessary for the consolidation of Faro as an attractive, sustainable and acessible tourist destination.


More Information at?


email: tmt@cm-faro.pt