By Ricardo Chaves

The Portuguese government has made recently a change to their State Budget proposal, concerning the NHR status. The State Budget Proposal will be voted on the 29-11-2023, but as the government has the majority, is likely to be approved.

According to this proposal, all those who started their emigration process to Portugal before the end of 2023, can still apply for the NHR, provided they complete their residency process and become tax residents, before 31-12-2024.

The proof of starting the emigration process can be done through a rental contract, promissory contract, matriculation of children in Portuguese school, employment or self-employment in Portugal, etc.

This alteration aims to protect those who were already in the process of moving but could not complete the residency process before the end of 2023.

Therefore this opens more possibilities for clients to continue the emigration process, or initiate it now and become residents in 2024, it also means that the NHR status will be valid from 2024 until 2033.

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