Meet Our Team

Decades of Experience
At Your Service.

Ricardo Chaves

Certified Accountant Managing Partner | CEO

Fátima Neto

Certified Accountant Partner | COO


Adriana Gomes

Account Manager

Ana Eugénio

Account Manager

Ana Guerreiro

Account Manager

Cristiana Sousa

Account Manager

Ildonino João

Account Manager

Nélia Mártires

Account Manager

Patrícia Horta

Office Manager

Soraia Rodrigues

Team Leader Accountancy

Tânia Emídio

Account Manager

Teresa Carvalho

Certified Accountant

Verónica Cavaco

Accountant's Assistant

Simplified Regime for Sole Traders (including Local Lodging clients)

Ana Germano

Account Manager Local Lodging

Carla Correia

Account Manager Local Lodging

Fabiana Ramos

Communication and Content Manager

Fernando Martins

Certified Accountant and Tax Advisor - Property Rental Compliance

Maria Chaves

Administrative Assistant

Sara Ferreira

Office Manager

Susana Agostinho

Account Manager Local Lodging

IRS – Personal Income Tax

Alexandre Guerreiro

Personal Income Tax Assistant

Anabela Domingues

Tax Advisor - Personal Income Tax

Laura Felisberto

Tax Advisor - Personal Income Tax

Liliane Soares

Team Leader IRS

Marta Pereira

Tax Assistant Fiscal Representations

NHR (Non-Habitual Residents)

Carla Ayres

UK Tax Advisor

Emanuela Margarido

Team Leader NHR Department

Pedro Nascimento

Tax Advisor - NHR

Human Resources, Payroll and Social Security

Ana Galveias

Human Resources Assistant

Cristina Santos

Payroll and Human Resources Director

Eugénia Marques

Payroll and Human Resources

Sara Cardoso

Payroll and Human Resources Assistant


Susana Romão

Admin Assistant

Vera Martins

Accounts Receivable

Welcome Desk

Dora Martins

Welcome Desk

Business Development

Alfredo Silva

System Analyst

Joana Silva

Director's Personal Assistant

All Insurance

Marta Alvarenga


Vera Martins